Why the humble blues harmonica is the perfect tool for short-circuiting stress, focusing attention, and enhancing mindfulness, anywhere and anytime.

Stress arises due to a natural psychophysiological response known as the fight or flight response.
Fortunately, there is a simple way to short-circuit unnecessary fight or flight responses.
Very simple indeed, but not always easy.
If you can turn your attention VERY CLOSELY onto your own breathing, even for less than a minute, you can short-circuit most fight or flight responses.
This technique has been known and used for thousands of years, even though the science underlying the process has only been identified recently (when you focus on your breath, you are stimulating the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system — but you don't have to know that, to use the technique)...

For the past two thousand or so years, many yoga and meditation methods have emphasized training ourselves to focus our attention on the breathing process.
I have the utmost respect for these methods, but for many people — myself included — they often seem abstract and difficult to practice.

Fortunately, the harmonica is the idea tool for getting people to focus on their breathing!
It's fun. And it provides INSTANT SATISFACTION — I can get any group, of any size, playing blues or rock or folk harmonica within just a few minutes!

And once the group learns how to play just a little harmonica, they are ready for the real content of the event:
A variety of exercises and role plays which I've created, that teach my participants how to use their harmonica breath focus to short-circuit fight or flight responses as they arise!

With practice, it soon becomes an almost automatic response, and you then can use the world's best stress-reducer and mindfulness enhancer — breath focus — for the rest of your life!